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Single – purpose devices

The requirements of our customers are mainly focused on automation of the “in between” activities during the production. It mainly requires handling of finalized products, depalletization and transport of the entire pallet. This are our last designs and manufactured single-purpose machines:

  • stacking machines
  • gluing machines
  • carton folding machines
  • pneumatic or electric guide
  • particle turning devices
  • lifting device
  • buffers

Custom prototypes

Pallet stacker

The stacker for EURO pallets is used as a feeder for empty pallets. The operator places empty pallets into the stacker, leaving one pallet ready for export on the floor. This storing solution is designed for space efficiency.

Buffer with feeder

Operator pours parts into build in buffer where after the conveyor with plates and inclined carriers transports it to the slide. Those particles are then transported to the input of the following device.

Gluing machine, manipulator and turning devices as parts of an automated production line

Sliding roller conveyor for turning and stacks transporting

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