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Sale of Metallurgical Materials

We offer a wide selection of metallurgical materials in good quality and reasonable prices. Our staff is always willing to advise and help with your personal project.

Our steel is stored in dry environment in our shop, so you can see the whole selection. Our sales man knows what materials are needed the most, and we constantly replace and stock new items according to the enquirers from our customers. We also supply steel to order.

You can find in our shop:

  • sheets
  • tubes
  • full rod
  • steel profiles
  • flat rod
  • profile L
  • profile U


We also provide sawing and snipping to the purchased material to exact size, according to customer requirements.

We cut sheet metal purchased from us to a thickness of 6 mm with a size of up to 3 meters.

You can choose these types of sheets from our offer:

  • rolled sheets
  • galvanized sheets
  • teardrops sheets
  • oiled sheets

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