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If the properties of mass-produced machines and equipment do not meet the customer’s requirements, we design and manufacture single-purpose machines. They are used for loading and unloading parts from machines during production, assembly and also for packaging of finished products and their palletizing.

Roller Conveyors Driven

Driven conveyors and accessories are base of our wide range of conveyors. We produce and sell them individually or as a whole system, according to customer requirements. Our selection includes also the electrical and electronic control:

  • Conveyors with a simple electric control
  • Conveyors with complete electronic control equipped with PLC, including software


Conveyors and conveyor systems are able to perform various tasks: from simple transport to the most complex functions in packaging, transport and material handling in robotic workplaces.

Our Solutions:

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyor is used to transport and inter-operational transport of raw materials in production or material stored on pallets. The standard capacity if the transported material is up to 1500 kg/m.

Chain conveyors are driven by an electromotor with a standard and soft starter for acceleration control of the conveyor.

They are made to transport carboard boxes, packages, materials and products stored on hard base (eg. Pallets and crates) or the products carried in surface protrusions (such as tires, belts, rollers profiles etc.).

The structure is made of steel closed profiles. The material is transported by chains, which run on slide bearings.

Conveyors are designed for dry and dusty environment.

Our Solutions:

Belt Conveyors

The belt conveyor is used to transport lightweight materials, from 0,05 kg do 200 kg/m. The belt is driven by a motor gearbox from which torque is transmitted to the drive roller directly or by a chain drive. Construction is made of steel or aluminium profiles.

Belt conveyor is designed to work in dry, dusty or wet production

Our Solutions:

Rotary Conveyors Driven

Rotary conveyor is used in transport systems wherever is needed to change the direction of material flow.

It consists of two main parts:

  • fixed part with a turning table drive
  • single turning table with a driven roller conveyor

Our Solutions:

Cross Conveyors

Cross conveyor us used to change the direction of material flow. We design conveyors to carry materials with the weight from 5 kg to 7000 kg.

The cross conveyors can transport various types of products and materials:

  • empty EURO palettes
  • EURO palettes with load
  • boxes
  • crates
  • boards


Recommended combinations:

  • roller conveyor with cross belt conveyor
  • roller conveyor with cross band conveyor
  • roller conveyor with cross chain conveyor
  • roller conveyor with cross lamellar
  • roller conveyor with cross roller conveyor
Otočný dopravník poháňaný

Our Solutions:

Redler Conveyors

Redler conveyor is used for bulk transport of wood chips, sawdust or wood waste. Fine dust particles do not swirl during transport.

Transport is possible horizontally bud also at an angle.

The bulk material is transported by conveyor at the bottom of pan with chain by the wooden grippers.

Bulk conveyor is designed to work in a dry and dusty operation .

Our Solutions:

Transport Trolleys

Driven transport trolleys allow transport of goods in warehouses and manufacturing plants between rows of powered roller conveyors or between single-purpose machines with automatic loading and unloading.

Trolleys operate in automatic mode without operator or manual mode with the operator. They are moving on rails, placed on the floor or mounted in the floor.

We supply the trolleys in two versions:

  • electric trolleys – with the winding drums, bus, or an energy carrier,
  • battery trolleys
  • half automatic accumulator trolley

Our Solutions:

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