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Robotic Workstations

Automatica, s.r.o. can prepare a solution for any application. Industrial robots are designed for a wide range of industrial applications that will help improve productivity, product quality and, of course, increase the safety of operators.

Powerful industrial robots are the basis of every robotic workplace, which is a set of various devices such as conveyors, stacking devices, gluing devices, palette places and so on. The industrial robot is able to grab objects and carry them using special grippers. We are the exclusive Slovak representative of the Sweedisth producer of vacuum Grippers UniGrippers for material handling in industry.

The main advantages of industrial robots:

  • Reliability – long durability
  • Speed – short cycle times
  • Accuracy – high degree of repeatability
  • Power – maximum use
  • Versatility – flexible integration
  • Easy implementation

Our references include solutions for:

  • palletizing robotic workstations of boxes
  • palletizing robotic workstations of bags
  • palletizing robotic workstation for prisms
  • manipulating devices with industrial robot
  • robotic workstations for operation of machine tools
  • different manipulation and automation in production, and so on
Stages of creation of robotic workstation project:
  • solution proposal – layout
  • 3D workstation model
  • Creation of technical documentation
  • Workstation manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of conveyors, stacking devices, feeders, grippers and so on
  • Installation at the Costumer
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty and post warranty service

Our Solutions:

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