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If the properties of mass-produced machines and equipment do not meet the customer’s requirements, we design and manufacture single-purpose machines. They are used for loading and unloading parts from machines during production, assembly and also for packaging of finished products and their palletizing.

Roller Conveyors Non-Driven

Conveyors belong to the most common non-powered conveyor systems in the transport of piece of goods, particularly because of their simplicity and low price. They allow the transport of material in the production halls and warehouses.

Our offer of conveyor together with accessories and equipment enables the transport of lump materials in all common sizes.

We produce variants of conveyors for loads ranging from 20 kg / m to 1000 kg / m, with a cylinder diameter from 20 mm to 80 mm.

Our Solutions:

Roller Conveyors Non-Driven

Roller conveyor are simple assemble from universal parts. Rollers are made of steel tubes mounted on the ends with the bearing with dust cover.

Rollers are supplied steel clean as standard. On Request, their surface can be treated with galvanizing or provided with a plastic coating.

The construction of the conveyor is treated with powder paint as standard. The conveyor can be made with a fixed, adjustable height or as a gravity one.

Transport Trolleys Non-Driven

Transport trolleys enables the transport of material between the rows of roller conveyors or between single-purpose devices with manual loading and unloading.

The construction of trolleys is welded of steel profiles standardly treated with powder paint. It consists of a base frame and non driven roller conveyor. They move on rails placed on or build into the floor and they are equipped with a mechanical brake on movement and material.

Our Solutions:

Trolleys With Non-Driven Rotary Roller Conveyor

Trolleys with rotary conveyors are used in transport systems wherever is needed change the direction of material flow. It consists of two main parts:

  • Fixed part with turning table with non driven roller conveyor
  • Build in or anchored rails on the floor

Our Solutions:

Ball Transfer Tables

Ball transfer table allows omnidirectional movement of different types of material with a fixed levelling pad, before the material movement to manual packaging equipment.

The table is composed of a supporting frame, legs and a top plate. Taws are mounted in the top plate. Their spacing depends on the size and weight of transported material.

The top plate can be designed from different materials as such as wood, plastic or profile steel.

The supporting frame is finished with powder coating as standard.

The ball transfer table can be made with fixed or adjustable height.

Our Solutions:

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