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New Year, new challenges…

Past years were challenging not only from the social aspects, that the whole world is facing, bud also from the professional side, which are giving us the right course to move forward. We want constantly to move towards with new trends. Finding innovative solutions is a goal we set ourselves throughout the whole year. We are fortunate enough to have partners who share our standards to achieve these goals.

Completed projects in past year

  • conveyor tracks
  • pallet stacker
  • packaging workstation
  • robotic workstation
  • interconnection of warehouse and the production
  • lifting platforms
  • non driven conveyors
  • loading and unloading from the drill
  • turning device
  • transport trolleys

We have introduced unique system of three roller conveyors on a trolley with accumulator battery

There are three, self – propelled roller conveyors on the trolley for feeding material from the storage roller conveyor, to the trolley and exporting the material from the trolley conveyor to the storage roller conveyor.

SThe middle conveyor is fixed to the frame of the trolley. The end conveyors can be adjusted in width by maximum of 250 mm, using an electric drive. The power supply comes from the rechargeable battery.

New projects abroad

During passed year, we took part in various projects. Most of them took place in Slovakia, bud there were few abroad, as well.
We are honored to add new customers to our existing once, not only in Poland, bud also from our nearest western neighbors – Czech Republic.

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Vážení zákazníci,

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