Sheet metal cutting

We offer a wide selection of metallurgical materials in good quality and favorable prices. In addition to sawing, we have expanded our services to sheets cutting. You can choose from these types of sheets rolled sheets galvanized sheets teardrops sheets oiled sheets We cut sheet metal purchased from us to a thickness of 6 mm […]

Non driven conveyors

You may be thinking during those times, how is the actual pandemic situation affecting your production. The need to stop production by following the restrictions about close contact of people, makes producers to think, how to face similar challenges in the future.  The solution is automation.Robotized work stations, single purpose machines and also packaging lines […]

Changes in the direction of the goods using a cross and rotary conveyor

Krížový dopravník poháňaný

The production of conveyors belongs to our basic assortment for the transport of excessive loads. The conveyor guarantees easy and fast transport of piece goods. roller conveyors modular conveyors       redler conveyors belt conveyors            chain conveyors rotary conveyors roller conveyors rotary conveyors transport trolleys Changes in the direction of the goods using […]

Line for transport and packaging of briquettes

The processing and production of briquettes requires quality machinery. We design and produce tailor made conveyor systems for each costumer. Briquettes are handled the way that the transport is fast and reliable.Briquette lines are made for progress in dusty environment. Advantages of briquette line: simple, fast and smooth transport of briquettes and packed units elimination […]