Automatic lines and their accessories

A well-functioning line consists of many, often “invisible” components that play an irreplaceable part in its productivity. For us, ti´s customary to include those accessories in our designs from the very beginning of the process. They facilitate operation, ensure safety and, last but not least, the functionality of the entire automation. In case we are […]

PF 2023

Vážení obchodní partneri, ďakujeme Vám za spoluprácu v uplynulom roku a do nového roka 2023 Vám želáme veľa šťastia, zdravia, osobných a pracovných úspechov. Dear business partners, thank you for your cooperation during the past year and we wish you a lot of happiness, health, and successful business year 2023.

Labeling and boxes packaging

In our applications we are using the Ink-jet printer APLINK MRX Series, for marking the packing materials.This printer is designed for mass production labeling in high definition for packing materials as FEFCO 410. Printing of lines, animation, logos, barcodes GS1 and RQ codes in high quality.   ink-jet printer for injections using ECO mineral ink […]

Summer installations

Summer months are significant time for our production planning. We are mainly focused on servicing the existing lines and update already established systems. Just when our customers leave for planned factory holidays, we service their lines and automatic workstations for the smooth production after their return. Installations during the summer production stops The installation of […]

Single – purpose devices

The requirements of our customers are mainly focused on automation of the “in between” activities during the production. It mainly requires handling of finalized products, depalletization and transport of the entire pallet. This are our last designs and manufactured single-purpose machines: stacking machines gluing machines carton folding machines pneumatic or electric guide particle turning devices […]

Cooperation abroad

We are happy, that the passed times broth us the opportunity to be part of interesting projects not only in Slovakia, bud also abroad. Our regular customers have been joined by others, not only in Poland bud from our western neighbors as well. Automatica s. r. o. The delivery of our machinery to the destination, […]

New Year, new challenges…

Past years were challenging not only from the social aspects, that the whole world is facing, bud also from the professional side, which are giving us the right course to move forward. We want constantly to move towards with new trends. Finding innovative solutions is a goal we set ourselves throughout the whole year. We […]

Our representatives at the Drema Fair in Poznań, Poland

Our Company AUTOMATICA s. r. o. is part of wood and wood processing industry for long time, not only on Slovak market, bud also in Poland. Our representatives focus on the automation market in the wood sector, so they know exactly what we can offer to the customers in the Polish market. We are delighted, […]